Say hello to the real
Information Super Highway.

What if our roads were smarter? What if we could turn our roads into a true digital network -- connecting drivers to the internet, supporting driverless vehicle technology and providing true connectivity between smart cars and tomorrow’s smart cities?

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Smarter roads begin with Smart Pavement™

Introducing the Smart Pavement™ system created and patented by Integrated Roadways. Durable, precast concrete sections embedded with digital technology and fiber optic connectivity to transform ordinary roads into smart roads.

Smart Pavement

Cell tower and smart
tablet technology in a concrete case

Each interlocking Smart Pavement™ slab incorporates accessible and upgradable digital technology that connects vehicles to the internet and provides real-time information to drivers about traffic, road conditions and accidents.

  • 1
    Patented Combined Access Port (CAP)

    Initially used to lift and position slab into place. Once positioned, void with interior connector accommodates a cylinder of sensors, processors, antennae and other technology to be installed, while remaining easily accessible for replacement or upgrade.

  • 2
    Digitizer layer/Vehicle Detection Loop

    Fiber optic strain mesh laminated to the slab’s reinforcement. Similar to a touch screen element and able to identify tire positions rather than finger positions.

  • 3

    Four routers connect to slab neighbors and send information to Linear Data Centers alongside highway.

  • 4
    Dowel and Conduit System

    Smart Pavement slabs are connected using a series of dowels extended into adjacent conduits, then filled with grout through grout ports for a solid connection.

Connecting vehicles
with drivers and without

Much like the touchscreen on a smartphone or tablet, sensors in the pavement can “feel” the positions, weights and velocity of every vehicle on the road, providing superior navigation and telemetry for Level 4 autonomous vehicles and capturing valuable traffic and usage data.

Connecting cities and communities

The Smart Pavement system not only provides enhanced connectivity to vehicles on the road, the road itself will actually connect cities and communities with seamless, high-speed data transfer. It truly will become the next Information Super Highway.

Upgradable. Removable.

The technology in the Smart Pavement™ modular system is completely upgradable, making it easy to add new features. And each slab is easily removable for repair or to access underlying utilities for service.


Cheaper. Smarter.

Smart Pavement™ precast concrete technology lasts 4x longer than traditional asphalt construction. It’s 95% less costly to install versus traditional highway construction and up to 80% less in total cost of ownership. That’s smart.

  • longerLasts 4x longer
  • less costly95% less costly to install
  • less total cost80% less in total cost

Self-funded and sustainable. Very smart.

The smartest thing about smart roads? They pay for themselves through leasing agreements with private sector service providers. For example, cell carriers looking for a more affordable way to build a nationwide 5G network.

Pavement As Platform

The Smart Pavement™/Smart Road digital platform will generate recurring revenue from private party app development, just like today’s smartphones and tablets. Imagine travel, dining, lodging and other services being delivered à la carte to individual drivers on demand.

Pavement as Platform

Down the road

Enhanced digital connectivity is just Phase One. Smart Pavement™ technology will soon be able to add features like snow and ice melt functionality and wireless charging for electric vehicles.


Our Team

  • Tim Sylvester
    Tim Sylvester, CEO & Chief Technology Officer

    Founder, PM, E-Scholar, ENR Midwest “Top 20 Under 40,” EDC-KC Cornerstone Award, Kauffman “Entrepreneurial All-Star.” Tim has completed NSF research projects in sensor networks and wired and wireless networking. Being educated as an Electrical and Computer Engineer after 10 years in construction trades led Tim to the idea for Integrated Roadways.

  • David Goode, Chief Marketing Officer

    With more than 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, David Goode provides an extensive background in all aspects of branding, marketing and advertising spanning numerous industries including technology, software, marketing, data analytics, and consulting.

  • Jerry Jaramillo, Director of Regional Expansion

    With an extensive national background in municipal project management, representing both public agencies and private companies including Kiewit, HNTB, and Jacobs Engineering, Jerry has deep background and insight for understanding market needs for transportation and transit assets.

  • Chuck Vanasse
    Chuck Vanasse, Chief Partnership Officer

    Chuck is a serial entrepreneur with 30+ years experience. He founded, operated and exited companies such as Saepio, Claimport and Unicom. He brought innovations to market in the enterprise software, Internet services and digital media sectors.


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  • A rad wolf
    Workers Install ‘Smart Road’ Technology On Brighton Boulevard

    New technology has been installed inside the pavement along a stretch of Brighton Boulevard to help make our roads smarter and safer.

    Source: Workers Install ‘Smart Road’ Technology On Brighton Boulevard

  • A rad wolf
    Workers Install ‘Smart Road’ Technology On Brighton Boulevard (From CBS4 Denver)

    New technology has been installed inside the pavement along a stretch of Brighton Boulevard to help make our roads smarter and safer.

    Four pieces of pavement have been installed with new technology that will collect important information for the Colorado Department of Transportation. “It’s the job of the DOT to save lives and make lives better,” explained Peter Kosinski with CDOT’s RoadX program. “This is a great opportunity to use technology in a way to do just that.” Sensors in the pavement can detect a vehicle’s weight, speed and pattern of travel. The information then will also allow CDOT to study how traffic moves on the roadway and how it could be improved for drivers.

    Source: Workers Install ‘Smart Road’ Technology On Brighton Boulevard

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    Smart road technology could turn highways into crash-sensing ‘touchpads’ (From NBC NEWS)

    Colorado to test sensor-studded pavement along dangerous stretch of Highway 285.

    They’re called smart roads: highways studded with sensors that monitor wear and tear and “feel” vehicles like fingers on a touchpad, and that are connected to the internet to alert motorists to traffic jams and automatically summon help when accidents occur. And they’re coming to Colorado…

    Source: Smart road technology could turn highways into crash-sensing ‘touchpads’

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    Integrated Roadways Awarded Key Colorado “Smart Highway” Project

    KANSAS CITY, MO (March 15, 2018)
    Integrated Roadways, a technology startup from Kansas City, Missouri, is revolutionizing America’s highway system beginning with a key partnership with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) under their RoadX initiative to use next-generation innovations to solve infrastructure challenges.